New Patient Visit- 90 min.

Includes detailed patient history, evaluation, treatment plan, acupuncture, moxibustion/ tuina massage/ or acupressure as needed

Follow-up visits- 60 min.

Follow-up, review treatment plan, evaluation, acupuncture, moxibustion/cupping/ tuina massage/ or acupressure as needed.

30min sessions

Cupping Therapy

30-60min sessions

Tui Na Massage and/or Gua Sh

Services described below



Acupuncture is a safe, natural, drug-free, effective method to restore health and balance to your life.  It consists of inserting super thin, disposable, sterile needles into anatomical locations on the body to produce a therapeutic effect. The points selected are based on the individuals’ overall constitution, signs, and symptoms and are located close or distal to the area of complaint. 



Looking for a relaxing treatment experience? Acupressure treatment will put your body at ease by applying pressure on specific points on the body without the use of needles. This promotes relaxation and wellness.


Glass cups are applied to the surface of the skin with the use of heat creating a vacuum effect. This technique lifts the muscle and facia to promote circulation, relieve pain, loosen tension, and alleviate lung congestion. 


Tui na, (pronounced “twee nah,”) is a form of bodywork that applies massage to soft tissue and manipulation methods through the use of hand techniques. 


This therapy involves applying a little oil to the skin and scraping the area in long strokes with a flat, rounded tool.
This therapy removes blood stagnation, toxins, decreases muscle stiffness, and increases mobility.


Moxa is made from the dried plant mugwort. It is burned directly or indirectly near the skins surface to promote warmth and healing to the area.


Qi Gong Is an internal martial art form involving body movement that promotes mobility and balance.  The movements help by focusing on physical postures, breathing techniques, and intention.

Dietary recommendations may be made to promote healthy digestion and nutritive value.

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